Bike & Brew on June 15

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It is Bike and Brew time! Last year we covered 27 Miles. This year we are going back for more of a scenic route and heading towards Minneapolis again! We are going to be completing an 18 mile bike this year which will feature almost all of the ride on paved bike trails to include more COL riders. We also will be visiting three new breweries. The Bike and Brew tour will be making the 3 stops at Utepils Brewing, Lakes and Legends Brewing and Lynlake Brewing. Get your wheels tuned up and ready to go as we are hitting the trail Saturday June 15th.




Saturday, June 15th

11:30am Tour Kick-off


After a morning of regular scheduled events at COL (8-9:30 Open Gym, 9:30-10:30 COL Saturday WOD, and then 10:30-11:30 social hour to get ready for the fun!). We will start the bike tour promptly at 11:30am.


The bike ride will start and finish at CoL. It will be approximately 18 miles of biking, guided by Seth Phillips . Most of the ride will be on trails and everyone will ride together so it will be safe! This is a “no drop ride” which means no man will be left behind! Please make sure to bring lots of water, spare tires and have a ride buddy. No one is left behind, make sure to look out for one another!


The 3 stops along the ride will be:

Utepils Brewing

225 Thomas Ave. N, Minneapolis MN, 55405


Lakes & Legends Brewing

1368 Lasalle Ave, Minneapolis MN, 55403


Lynlake Brewery

2934 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis MN, 55408


We will spend 30-45 minutes at each location before heading to the next and request that all riders be above the age of 21 due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.