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***Covid-19 update: COL is closed in orders of Minnesota Executive Order until June 1. Continue following us for at home workouts, gym updates and community engagement activities.***


CrossFit City of Lakes has different classes and individual programming that meets the needs of all of our athletes.

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CrossFit class is our staple program. Utilizing constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity this class will help develop the whole well rounded athlete. CrossFit Class will challenge you in everything from gymnastics to Olympic lifting and everything in between. Everyone and anyone can attend, all classes are scalable for any level of athlete. Classes are always lead by a certified CrossFit coach and classes will range from 6-16 athletes.

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Our most popular class COL Sat is a once a week class that utilizes the CrossFit methodology added to a team or partner workout. All COL Sat classes will have the elements of teamwork, strategy and fun while working your butt off. Classes are always lead by one to two certified CrossFit coaches and classes will range in size from 12-30 athletes.

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 Whether you want to complete a workout you missed earlier in the week or you want to get help from a coach on a gymnastic skill that is still giving you trouble, open gym is for you. Open Gym is a non structured time for you to work on anything that you as an athlete need to practice. All Open Gym times are monitored by a certified CrossFit coach.

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If you are looking to get some extra lifting in, COL Strength is for you. COL Strength is a 12 week strength training program that coincides with our CrossFit Class. COL Strength will allow you to spend some time during open gym or before or after class working on some of our basic pressing, pulling and squating lifts on your own. This program is to be completed in addition to CrossFit class. 


*Not a structured class. COL strength program is an additional program that coincides with our daily CrossFit Class.

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If you have recently signed up for your first Saturday CrossFit Competition or you are looking to take your training to the next level COL Competition is for you. COL Competition will include movements and lifts not completed as often in our normal CrossFit class but will be seen in local and regional CrossFit competitions. COL Competition allows you to spend some time during open gym or before or after class working on these higher level movements. This program is to be completed in addition to or in replace of our normal CrossFit Class. Please talk to your COL coach before adding this program to your weekly routine.


*Not a structured class. COL competition program is an additional program that coincides with our daily CrossFit Class.