2022 CrossFit Open

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The CrossFit Open Is Back! 


2022 will again feature a 3 Week formatted world wide CrossFit Competition where every and all athletes get to compete right from the four walls of their home gym. This year will again feature adaptive, scaled, masters and RX divisions, so any and all athletes can compete, No Excuses!


In addition to COL competing in this worldwide competition, this year will be our third year completing our very own COL Fantasy Open League here at the gym. Every participating athlete from our gym will be drafted and placed on to 1 of 4 COL Fantasy Open Squads. Each week all athletes will have the ability to complete the Open WOD in any of Friday morning classes or to come complete the Open WOD in the evening in front of your fellow COL’ers cheering you on at “Friday Night Lights”. If you have not yet attended one of these nights yet, it is a must see. The energy is Electric.


Whether you are looking to make a run at to the 2022 CF Games or this is your first year completing the Open, every COL’er gets to compete in the Fantasy Open League. 


Watch the 2022 CF Open Hype Video.


2022 Team Coaches:
Team 1 – Jason, Steph, BK
Team 2 – Sam, Marvin, Nick
Team 3 – Sarah, Mark, Lizzy, Daramorah
Team 4 – Carter, Craig, Tim
Don’t miss this amazing yearly event. It has something for everyone and is an absolute blast.