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Steph Skeba

Coach / Nutrition Coach

Steph grew up in Chicago and at age 8, went to “take your daughter to work day” with her physician father. He brought her to open heart surgery and showed her patient’s adipose tissue telling her “this is what happened when you eat junk food and don’t move your body.” It was obviously an impactful moment and the first time she connected food and exercise to the body. Steph grew up in Chicago playing various sports but soccer was her true love. In high school, Steph was captain of her soccer team and earned numerous post-season awards including all conference and 2nd in state.

Steph went on to attend Purdue University where she majored in dietetics and completed her Personal Trainer Certification as well as becoming a Registered Dietitian in 2008.


After her 2010 140.6 Ironman, Steph was burned out of swimming, biking and running. She went to a CrossFit class with her husband for a hot date. NERDS! She fell in love after 3 classes (the first 2 were too hard and she was prideful). From then on, going to Crossfit was the best part of her day and the community became a 2nd home. In 2013, Steph completed her CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification and has been coaching CrossFit in Minnesota and Georgia ever since.


In addition to coaching Crossfit here at COL, ​Steph also works as a Personal Trainer and Dietitian in a physical therapy studio. She loves helping clients move pain free and enriching their lives with nutrition and exercise.


Outside of Crossfit and Nutrition Steph lives in Golden Valley with her husband Mark and their dog Hoda and 2 cats. She loves animals (volunteers at the shelter), cooking, traveling, going to breweries and listening to KFAN’s The PowerTrip!


“Movement is medicine. If your body responsive negativity with pain, that exercise is not good for you and you’ll burn out. If I don’t know what’s going on with my car I bring it to the expert. People will invest in high quality mechanic/lawyer/financial planner but not a movement specialist!?!? Unacceptable. I believe in investing in your health and being taught movement & nutrition by great coaching. If you are consist, follow through and ENJOY it, you will have success. That is what Crossfit has given me and I want to pay it forward.”


– B.S. In Dietetics Purdue University
– Registered Dietitian

– Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

– Precision Nutrition Coach

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

– A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

– American Red Cross CPR and AED Certified