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COL Quarantine Programing

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COL Quarantine Programming

While we are forced to be closed for the next 4 weeks due to the Minnesota state mandate to help stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we will continue to keep programming for our COL community. As always your daily workouts can be viewed right in your “Today’s WOD” section of Wodify. In addition to our workouts being posted in Wodify, we will also post our daily challenge WOD on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. To post your data and results make sure to sign yourself in to the “At Home Sign In” option under “Class Schedule”.  

COL Class Programming

Over the next four weeks you will continue to see our normal programming that you do every day at CrossFit City of Lakes. We have the next 12 weeks leading up to the 2021 Open already mapped out and we want to allow you to continue your progress with this plan. We know some of you do have equipment at home and some do not. Even though you may not have everything we have here at the gym, utilize what you do have and do your best. You can always modify with the equipment you do have or instead complete our daily Challenge Workout. 

COL 4 Weeks / 4 Movements / 400 Rep Challenge 

In addition to our normal programming we will also be sending out daily Quarantine Challenge workouts. These workouts will consist of different formatted metcons that every day will include, 

100 Push Ups

100 Squats

100 Sit Ups

100 Back Extensions


In the next 4 weeks or 30 days our challenge to you or COL community is to complete 20/30 of these nasty at home workouts. The workouts will be different every day. They will feature different rep and set schemes, different time domains, and different variations of the four movements. If you do complete at least 20 COL Challenge Workouts and record your results in Wodify, you will be rewarded. Not just in bragging rights and some pretty amazing strength gains, but also some specialty COL “Quarantine Crew” swag. These workouts will be tough and you will need to take some rest days, so listen to your body, be smart and make sure you are taking scheduled recovery days during these next 4 weeks of the challenge workouts.

Good luck COL. We don’t want this time a way to slow down your fitness journey. Stay active and stay safe. Please reach out by email or phone if you have any questions regarding programming or you just need a little pick me up or motivation. We are here for you!

Don’t forget if you are posting any pictures or videos on social media of any at home workouts you are doing while away, make sure to tag your posts with #LifeIsBetterAtTheLake and #4Weeks4Movements400Reps. We love seeing what you guys are up to when you are training at home.

We Got This COL!