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Our promise to our community

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Welcome to the reopening of CrossFit City of Lakes! My wife Sam and I are excited to take over as the new owners of this special community. This place has made us feel accepted and at home from day one. The majority of you in this community have been together for a long time and have lots of history together. I am sure many of you remember when Jordan first opened the doors to COL’s first facility in 2010. Jordan tells stories of how small the first gym was and how people had to wait outside before class started, how the pull up bars were homemade, and when the heat was left off every piece of equipment froze up on one cold winter day. It is important to reflect on this communities humble beginnings to appreciate how far it has come and the direction of where we’re going.  

These past eighteen months our gym has went through many changes. We have added members, lost members, changed names a few times, added space, lived through some remodels, and added coaches. But through all of that, the community has never wavered. As we go through the transition of SISU back to CrossFit City of Lakes, I know this community will remain the focus and driving value for every decision we as owners will make.

As the dust settles through this first month transition, expect to see positive changes and additions that will contribute to the fostering of a strong community. One that we’re excited about is our website. It will include everything from a social calendar, educational blog posts, links to our social profiles, and best of all a platform to highlight you, our featured athletes. 


In addition to our website and social profiles, in the next month you’ll start to see some changes in the gym itself. You’ve probably already seen some house cleaning, new paint, and new equipment. In addtion to what you’ve already seen, we also will be adding a COL athlete goal board in hopes you will use this to share with your community what is important to you and what you want to accomplish. This way we can celebrate your milestones along with you. We will also see the remodel of our lobby to ensure you have more space to come hangout with your fellow COL’rs before or after class. The remodel will include the addition of more benches, cubbies, a new front desk and retail area all branded to our City of Lakes style.


Lastly, we can finally announce that CrossFit City of Lakes will be expanding! COL will be taking over the space next door, adding almost 2000 square feet to our current space. Demolition is scheduled to begin March of 2018. More details to come soon!


Hopefully this message was received with the same excitement that both Sam and I share for the future. We look forward to spending a lot of time with our COL family for years to come. We are so thankful that we have been accepted as leaders by this amazing gym and hope you will hold us accountable to our promise of always putting our community first in every decision we make.