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Food is not your Friend, It is not your Foe, It is simply Fuel

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As many of you may have noticed, I have been around a lot more in the gym the last few weeks… Not just working out but meeting with individual athletes talking in hushed voices, pulling out a measuring tape and it has started a larger conversation. What are you doing back there? Well let’s talk about that. I am coaching people through a macronutrient based food program called Eat to Perform.


Eat to Perform is a certification that gives me the information to help guide an individual through a new approach with their relationship with food. I say “relationship” because for most of us food has much more tie than just giving us necessary nutrients to our lives. Our family gatherings revolve around food, our friend outings often start or end with an adult beverage or snack to share, business meetings formal or informal will be conducted at some type of food establishment. Many of our daily activities revolve around this. But how can we make sure that we are approaching it with the mindset of fuel versus a feeling. We often mistake the difference but if we can change our mindset often times our body will change shortly after.


I wanted to help people with this because my relationship with food could be Facebook labeled as “it’s complicated”. The background is this: when things were out of control I knew there was one thing I could control, food. When you look at me you may not see that but for many years it was how I functioned. Food had the control over my self-worth, as a self-proclaimed perfectionist this was the easiest way to achieve the outside perfection. I restricted my food, I increased my activity and I told myself if you want to get anywhere this is what you need to do. My self-talk was horrifying, even replaying it boggles my mind. CrossFit has changed how I view and approach food, it is not the enemy, it is not my friend, it will not provide me comfort or punish me. Food will not dictate my self-worth it will fuel me to do the things I want to do.


Fast forward a few years… I have since met Jason, and now we are in a position to grow a large family of amazing athletes here within our COL community. Through this growing process I have realized how much I truly enjoy coaching people through their personal journey, both with fitness and nutrition. Eat to Perform has given me that outlet. Having one person hold you accountable can make all the difference. Showing up and being accountable is what makes this program a success within our community. We talk through the science of carbohydrates (which are not bad!!), protein and fat. How many calories your body actually needs to function correctly, usually more than you think. Lastly how to balance “real” life within these new parameters, you still have to be able to enjoy yourself. I’m here for you guys no matter the goal and we will devise a plan together that works for you and your life. If you ever have any questions about nutrition please don’t ever hesitate to ask. You know where I am.


Samantha Johnson