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COL Family,


We are getting closer and closer to opening back up with new social distancing and cleaning protocols. We will continue to be as clear with our communication as possible as we have tried to do so throughout our statewide stay at home order. We know many of you are excited and bursting with excitement to get back into the gym, but many of you probably have some fear and reservations about coming back as well. Both emotions are valid, and neither emotion is inappropriate at this time. We want to ease your fears and also allow us to demonstrate what we have done to prepare for your return. 


Below you will find the following information.
  1. Reopening Schedule
  2. Reopening Options
  3. COL COVID-19 Preparedness Plan
  4. — Cleaning Protocol
  5. — Social Distancing Protocol
  6. Gym Updates and Renovations


Reopening Schedule:

Friday May 8th – 4:00pm 
Outdoor Hill Run Sunset Hill Elementary

Monday May 11th – Saturday May 16th 

Last Week of COL At Home Workouts


Sunday May 16th 9:00am

Last COL Home Recovery Yoga


Friday May 15th – Time TBD

COL Outdoor Workout and Sneak Peak of the new looks at COL


Friday May 15th – 6:00pm 

COL Coaches Meeting and New Protocol implementation


Monday May 18th

COL Opens Back Up With Normal Class Schedule either with classes outside or classes inside!!!


Options With Reopening:

Option (1): If gyms are not yet allowed to open in the state of Minnesota we will offer our classes outside and follow social distancing guidelines and cleaning protocol. Classes will be limited to (15) people and each athlete will have their own station spread 6 feet apart from other athletes in the back parking lot behind the gym.  Drop in’s and new members will not be allowed to attend classes at COL until our stay at home order has been lifted. We have had extensive communication with the Golden Valley Police Department and have been cleared to operate outside in our back parking lot as long as we follow the CDC Social Distancing Guidelines and are able to show a Covid-19 Preparedness Plan to both staff and members.


Option (2): If gyms are allowed to be back open, we will allow limited athletes in class (15) and follow our new social distancing guidelines and cleaning protocols listed below.    



Proactive Health Seal 


CrossFit City of Lakes Covid-19 Preparedness Plan: 

In order to open back up all business conducted in the state of Minnesota must have a  COVID-19 Preparedness Plan. The plan shall establish and explain the necessary policies, practices and conditions necessary to meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) guidelines for COVID-19, federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and Executive Order 20-48.


New Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocol:

– COL will be deep cleaned three times a week professionally.  This will include floors, bathrooms, lobby, all door handles and all surfaces.

– COL ‘s coaches will also sanitize these same surfaces daily.

– Equipment used during classes will be cleaned and sanitized after every single class with Neutral Disinfectant.

– Coaches will be required to do additional sanitizing of spaces utilized by athletes after each and every class. This will be done with a Hospital Grade cleaning solution.

– Hospital Grade Hand Sanitizing Stations will be at all doors, computers and areas of possible touch points.

New Health Screening and Social Distancing Protocol:

– COL athletes are encouraged to monitor their health on a regular basis. This includes monitoring symptoms of Covid-19 such as temperature, cough, chills, body aches and general well being. If you are feeling sick Do Not Come To The Gym!

– COL will provide disposable masks and gloves for Coaches and Athletes if needed.

– Athletes will be asked to wash their hands before entering and also when leaving our fitness floor.

– Classes will be designed for 50 minutes instead of the normal 60 minutes to give time for cleaning and sanitizing upon completion of each class.

– For the time being classes will be capped at (15) people to encourage Social Distancing.

– We will limit the sharing of equipment in class when we are able.

– Workouts will be programmed to try and limit any touching of athlete to athlete contact.

– Athletes will be encouraged to social distance staying 6 feet away during Introductions, Warm Up, Strength and WOD portions of class.  

– All athletes must sign in to class online prior to arrival.  No exceptions.

– No athlete will be allowed to sign in to class or put scores into the computer at the gym. Athletes will be encouraged to enter their class results and scores onto their phone upon the completion of their workout or class.

– Athletes will not be able to touch the computer or Ipad for any reason.

– COL will provide chalk for safety reasons, but athletes will be encouraged to bring their own chalk if possible.

– We currently are requesting that no kids come to the gym during these times.  We look forward to having them back in hanging out in the lobby soon but during these times the space is needed for our athletes to follow social distancing guidelines.

– Upon completion of class athletes will be encouraged to socialize outside and not in our lobby or warm up area while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Additional Gym Updates and Renovations:

This has been trying times for our community in so many different ways. From the loss of jobs, from family and friends getting sick, no school, no sports and simply not being able to be with love ones, we know we now need each other more than ever. We will be together soon. This whole stay at home order has sucked on so many different levels. But there was one silver lining in this whole time period.


One week before the Minnesota stay at home order went into effect we signed a space expansion and lease extension here at 701 Decatur. We are going to be here for a while. Until 2025 at least. We also nailed down an additional 3000 square feet for both our COL space and our awesome partners The Center of Movement. When you come back home, you are going to be in for an awesome surprise. More space to do activities, another 24 foot Torque Rig, New Barbells, New Bumper Plates, New Wall Balls, More Pull Sleds 2 More GHD Machines, an Improved Storage Rack for all of those Dumbbells and a New 4 Zone Stereo System that will knock your socks off.nWe have also repainted every single bathroom, multiple gym walls and also rearranged our lobby and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. There might even be a few other surprises when you get back, but you will have to see it for yourself.


We look forward to having you back with us Monday, May 18th. It will be 61 days since we were told to shut our doors. It’s time to get back to work! We are all going to be a little rusty – probably a few seconds slower, maybe not as strong and maybe not crushing PR’s the first few weeks back, but like we always say “We Got This”. The time away from the gym for me has helped me truly appreciate what we have here at COL, our community of people we have here to support each other when stuff gets tough, that is something special. We will be back together, we will stay safe and we will become stronger because of this time away. We will see you in a few days!