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COL “PR” Bell

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Donated By Hal and Rae Quanbeck
August 1, 2018

The COL “PR” Bell was donated to Crossfit City of Lakes by members Hal and Rae Quanbeck. The Bell was apart of Hal and Rae’s 43 foot Sailboat named “Obsession,” they lived on “Obsession” from 1988-1992 off the coast of Coconut Grove Florida. In August 1992, during Hurricane Andrew “Obsession’s”  lines were snapped by the storms high winds, huge storm surges and ultimately the boat was lost to the bottom of the sea.


Eventually the boat was retrieved but it was a total loss. Hal and Rae began retrieving what belongings and pieces of the boat that survived the storm. However there were only two objects that survived the storm that could be retrieved, Hal’s Air Force Academy class ring and their beloved Bell.  


The Bell eventually found a new home. A mounted spot under Hal and Rae’s Tiki hut at their new home in Key Largo, Florida. The Bell was a reminder of their special times on “Obsession.”


The Bell remained under that Tiki hut in Florida for 26 years, Hal and Rae knew they had to share this special bell with others so they made the decision to donate it to CrossFit City of Lakes. The Bell represents resiliency and how it was able to make it through one of the strongest Category 5 Hurricanes in U.S. history. Just like we can make it through any WOD or challenge thrown in front of us here at COL. The Bell also has a sense of celebration and joy, Hal and Rae would ring their bell for fun times during parties and get togethers under their Tiki hut in Key Largo. This is the same thing we need to remember as well, that it is important to celebrate our milestones and accomplishments. Lastly the Bell represents the ability to overcome adversity, the ability to overcome a loss of their first home and find a new one with the loss of their precious Sailboat. We too overcome adversity every time we fail on our journey to each of our PR’s, but still continuously work to reach and achieve our goals.


These emotions are the same emotions that we must have to earn and achieve a Personal Record or “PR” here in the gym and also outside of the gym. We must celebrate these milestones along the way. When you hit a “PR” celebrate! Ring the COL “PR” bell and be proud of your hard work, resiliency, and everything it took you to reach that milestone.