COL 2021 Hero WOD Marathon

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Saturday, May 29th 




It has been a challenging last year and we have all been through so much, it makes this official announcement that much more special. We can not begin to tell you how excited we are to announce the return of everyone’s favorite kick off to the Summer, The COL Hero WOD Marathon

If you are not a member of COL, or are new to our community you may not yet know what the Hero WOD marathon is. Let me tell you a little bit about this amazing Memorial weekend event. The COL Hero WOD Marathon is a day to remember as many fallen Heroes as we can. As you may or may not know CrossFit honors many service men and women who have been lost in the line of duty by naming a workout after them and completing these challenging workouts in our CrossFit boxes all over the world. These “Hero” workouts are by nature extremely challenging and are meant to make you not only complete a physical challenge but also challenge your mental grit and toughness as well. During the Saturday of Memorial weekend we as a community work together to complete as many Hero WOD’s as possible. Let me tell you why!

One of the most well known Hero WOD’s is “Murph”. A workout completed every year on Memorial Day to honor a fallen Navy Seal named Michael P Murphy who died in Afghanistan in 2005. The Murph workout includes 2 miles of running, 300 squats, 200 push ups and 100 pull ups all while wearing a 20lb vest. In 2017 after my wife Sam and I took over ownership of CrossFit City of Lakes we were looking to make our first year Murph workout special so we consulted with one of our members who was a Marine Officer named Oliver Buccione. I asked the question, “Oliver what should we do to make Murph special this year?” His response surprised me. He asked me a question back, “why are we only honoring one fallen Hero, when there are so many service men and women that we lose that we don’t get a chance to honor.” The question got us both thinking up a different way of approaching Memorial weekend and how we as a gym could honor as many Heroes as we could, and The Hero WOD Marathon was born.


The Hero WOD marathon has morphed and changed very little in the 5 years of its existence in 2017. The idea is simple:

– Create a team of 4 athletes

– Put a duration of time on the clock

– 3…2…1..Go…


Complete as many Hero WOD’s as possible working together with your team. Scale as needed, split up with your teammates as needed and as a community work together to see how many Hero WOD’s you can complete to honor those we have lost.

2021 Event Details 

This year as we have done in the past, The Hero WOD Marathon will take place on the Saturday of Memorial Weekend May 29th. The event will start at 8:00am and run until 3:30pm.


Registration for the event will open on Saturday May 1st at 8:00am. You will only be able to register for the Event at COL in our lobby. There will be no online sales as we want to ensure our members get first crack at registering. For the 2021 Hero WOD Marathon we will run 2 Heats of 20 teams, each team consisting (4) athletes. The cost of the event will be $30 per person or $120 per team, and registration sales will be run through Wodify. 100% of your registration cost will go to the Minneapolis chapter of the DAV, an organization supporting Disabled Veterans in the Minneapolis area. Our goal as a gym is to donate $5,000 through registration fees and T-Shirt sales.

Heat Times and Heat Durations

Each heat time will consist of a two hour block with no rest that will allow you and your team to complete as many Hero WOD’s as you can. 

Heat 1 will be from (8:15am-10:15am)

Heat 2 will be from (10:30am-12:30pm)




$30 per person

$120 per team


100% of your registration fee will go to the Minneapolis chapter of the DAV, an organization supporting Disabled Veterans in the Minneapolis area. Our goal as a gym is to raise and donate $5,000 through registration fees and t-shirt sales.

Community Block Party

After you and your team get done with your two hour heat, we hope you will stick around and enjoy a good old fashion Memorial Weekend BBQ. We will be jamming good tunes, playing yard games and grilling Burgers, Brats and Dogs. We also just got word that this year we have secured a Beer sponsorship from Grain Belt Brewing. They will be providing Grain Belt “Elite” and Grain Belt Seltzer called “N’Icebreaker”, two delicious cold Minnesota Brewed Beers to cool us down after getting our Butt kicks. We also will have potluck sign up sheet where we are asking everyone to sign up and be responsible for bringing one item to include in community Potluck. We can’t wait to have a little fun with all of you and celebrate a special day with a great community.

Hero WOD Marathon from 2018