CrossFit Open Registration

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We have been talking about the 2021 CrossFit Open for the last few months and registration is now open. This year’s Open will be a little different than years past with some pretty cool change CrossFit HQ has made. This year’s Open will be 3 weeks compared to the long 5 week Opens of past years. There will be adaptive divisions in addition to scaled, masters and RX divisions. There will also be body weight options for athletes still training at home due to Covid. The biggest change that we are super excited about was the change for the affiliate Cup returning to the Open. Rather than super teams made up of athletes all over the world, each affiliate will again compete for the crown of the fittest gym in the state, country and world!

Also this year will be our second year completing our COL Fantasy Open League right here at CrossFit City of Lakes where every participating athlete from our gym will be drafted and put on 1 of 4 COL Fantasy Open Squads. More details about our draft date and who this year’s team Coaches will be coming soon. Not to bring up any bad memories…..but Team Jason if you have forgotten, was last year’s champs and are looking to see who will try and knock us off our podium this coming Open season! Let the trash talking begin!

Don’t miss this amazing yearly event. It is a blast. Watch the 2021 CF Open Hype Video.