800 Gram Nutrition Challenge

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CrossFit City of Lakes 800 Gram Nutrition Challenge


Now that the New Year has settled down a bit and we are all striving to keep our New Year’s resolutions, we wanted to implement a fun challenge that hopefully will make eating healthier easy and maintainable.  


We have decided to complete a nutrition challenge. This February we will kick off for the first time our very own COL 800 Gram Nutrition Challenge.

What is the 800 Gram Nutrition Challenge? 

We’ll sum it up for you…

  1. Eat a total of 800 grams (in weight) of fruits and vegetables each day for 5 Weeks. Pretty simple. The challenge runs from (Monday Feb 3rd until Friday March 8th)
  2. No foods are restricted and your goal should still be to hit your macro nutritional needs each and every day. 
  3. Fruits and Vegetables count regardless of cooked, canned, frozen, or fresh. 
  4. Dried fruits and vegetables as well as juices Do Not count. 
  5. Earn Points, have fun and compete against your fellow COLers

That’s it! At minimum try to stick to these requirements but if you want to make it more challenging, or put in your own twist, don’t forget that you are in charge. 


What foods to include? 

– You must be able to weigh the food as a standalone or unprocessed item. It does not matter if its frozen, cooked, canned (must drain liquid), or fresh.
– You can count fruit and vegetables you weigh before making a recipe applied to the serving you consume (ie: smoothies, veggies in chili).
– Don’t count (peels, cores, or skins) that are not consumed. 
– The expectation is that you weigh and measure at home and at work. If you’re eating at a restaurant, it is OK to eyeball from time to time, but try and create the habit during this challenge to weigh and measure. Most veggie portions will be ~75-85g (Sometimes restaurants will have nutrition info available on their website.)


In addition to obvious Fruits and Vegetables, other foods sometimes forgotten can Include:

– Corn (not popcorn at the movies!)  
– Avocados
– Olives
– Coconut
– Tomato Derivatives, ie salsa, sauce, just make sure the ingredients are only vegetables and spices. 
– Legumes (beans and peas! Peanuts and nuts do NOT count) 
– Fermented/pickled foods: If it is just vegetables and weighed (relatively) drained, these count. If the brine includes sugar, it does NOT count. 


What foods should I NOT Include

– Nuts (of any sort) but feel free to eat them still!
– Potatoes of any kind (this includes fries, chips, sweet potatoes, etc.) Great source of carbohydrates but they will not count to your total grams.
– Grains (bread, oatmeal, pasta) 


A little extra veggies won’t hurt ya 🙂 


How does scoring work?

There are 8 Possible points each day: 

800+ grams = 4 points (all or nothing here) 
Workout Point = 1 point (minimum 30 minutes of activity, this does not have to be Crossfit) 
Diversity Point = 2 points (must come from 6 different sources, and must hit 800 grams to get your 2 points)
Bonus Point (this will change weekly) = 1 point

What Can I Win?

1st Place Male / Female – 1 Month Free CrossFit City of Lakes Membership, COL T Shirt and COL Shaker Bottle and Coffee Mug
2nd Place Male / Female – Bag of Ascent Protein, COL T Shirt and COL Shaker Bottle and Coffee Mug.
3rd Place Male / Female – COL T Shirt, COL Shaker Bottle and COL Coffee Mug.

*Reminder that this is for fun! The challenge is to help us all become more aware of what we are eating and make better decisions in our nutrition. Please follow the honor code and track your points truthfully. There is a degree of trust in this challenge that athletes are recording points correctly and honestly in the Wodify Rise App. We will have a tie breaker at the end of the challenge if any ties occur.

Ready to get involved in the challenge? Here’s your next steps!
  1. Register with the link HERE
  2. Download the app Wodify Rise (All tracking and leaderboard activity will take place on the  Free Wodify Rise App) Sign in with your normal Wodify log in information and you will be good to go.
  3. If you don’t already have one, invest in a food scale. You’re going to need it! (These can be found on Amazon or at Target for $10-$15. Make sure it has grams for measurement) 
  4. Not mandatory, but we will be  having a kick-off meeting on Saturday, February 1st at 10:45am (30min) to go over details and any questions you still have.
  5. Challenge officially starts Monday Feb 3rd and runs for 5 Weeks. 
  6. Now get ready to get healthy and have some fun in the process!