2019 Fall Friday Night Lights

Five weeks starting October 11th

The 2020 CrossFit Open is upon us. If you are unfamiliar with the CrossFit Open or are new to the CrossFit world, the Open is a five week worldwide CrossFit Competition that takes place right here in your own box. You and every other CrossFitter worldwide has the opportunity to begin your journey to the CrossFit Games.


While a small percentage of Open participants will advance to the games, the rest of us average CF’ers use this five week period to have some fun and test our merit versus our worldwide competition. Most importantly our COL family knows the Open means it’s time to have our five weeks of Friday Night Lights.


Starting October 11th, you will have the ability to complete the Open Workout in our morning and afternoon classes or complete the workout in front of your peers in the evening under the lights during the five Friday’s of the CrossFit Open! Heats will start at 4:00pm and run until everyone has completed the workout. After and during the FNL heats feel free to crack open an adult beverage, bring a dish to share or just come and cheer on your favorite COL athletes. We are looking forward to another season of fun and community.

No matter what your experience or skill level, all are welcome and encouraged to complete the Open. If you have not yet registered for the Open, here is a link to do so.

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This year at the gym in addition to completing The CrossFit Open and our Friday Night Lights community nights we will be starting a new tradition. We will start the first CrossFit City of Lakes Fantasy Open League. How it will works. Once you sign up for the Open you are now eligible to be drafted on to one of five teams here at the gym. Each team will be managed by one of CrossFit City of Lakes coaches (Jason, Sam, Sarah, Jordan and Steph).

The inaugural draft will be held on Weds Oct 9th at 7:30pm so make sure you are registered well before then.

Every player will be drafted and no one will know when players are drafted. Teams will be posted online and on the white board in the gym. Once the team’s are set each week your team will battle for top scores. Players will be ranked from First to Last each week on their week’s performance. The higher you place the more points you receive, but everyone receives points and all points help your team total. If you do not participate that week or you forget to put in your scores in you will receive negative points. After the 5 weeks the highest scoring team will receive championship T Shirts with their teams roster featured on the back of the shirt. We are so pumped for this new tradition and are excited to get everyone involved.